Unexpected database error


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Moved servers, changed DNS this morning and backed up last night my mysql database.

on my Xenforo forum (http://sizaelrpg.com), there is now a message coming up stating that:

An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
I can still access the admin.cp and before this all happened I tried to change the phrases "location" and "date of birth" to, "real life/ooc location" and "real life/ooc date of birth" and it kept having some difficulties saving those without timing out. So I think the phrase thing might have something to do with it but I'm totally unsure.

Where should I be looking to find the fault?


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That is a general error, doesn''t tell us much. Can you check the error log and see if there will be any detailed error message there?

Brandon Sheley

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I agree the above error is from the blog's plugin, also if you click that error link, you'll get a full error stack, please post that if disabling the blog doesn't help.