Understanding spfbl.net

Steve Freides

Active member
I am receiving regular complaints from new registrants about being banned for no apparent reason. In each case, the only flag shown is


and the following text appears when I go to that site and check on the IP in question:

This is the rDNS found:

<cpe-ip_address.wb04.wa.asp.telstra.net> dynamic or domestic rDNS.
This IP has been flagged because it is dynamic or by suspect to be domestic use only.

If you are running an email service on this IP, ask ISP to change the rDNS.

The removal of this IP from this blacklist depends on change of rDNS to match the FQDN of the mail server.

What this means isn't clear to me. The previous screen says the IP is likely Static.

Thanks in advance for any insights, and one important question - if I would like to change my setup in the ACP so that people who have this red flag raised and only this red flag raised are not automatically flagged as problems, what would I need to change?