Undelete - is directly from the database the same as from the forum front-end?


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One of my moderators accidentally ran the spam cleaner on a member and so I need to undelete all their content.

Can I simply run a query on the post table to make the deleted posts "visible" or do you have to use the front-end moderator undelete tool to do it properly?

Is there anything extra that the undelete tools does, such as re-posting likes, updating post count, etc.?

Just so I know whether I can do it quickly - via a query - or have to do it slowly post-by-post. :coffee:

Shaun :D

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NO WAY!!!!! :eek:

Has that been there all the time? Unfluffin' believable ... :ROFLMAO:

Nice one guys <where's the embarrassed smiley?>

I don't believe there is one :( This one will do though: :notworthy: ;)

Also, to actually answer your question, I believe if you did it from the DB post counts would be screwed until you rebuilt the caches :)