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In short:
Ability to translate (edit) the sentences found in the XML language, directly from the site interface. For specific users and/or user groups.
I imagine something like this

The XenForo forum is now used by users in many languages of the world. Like everything, even languages are not all grammatically the same, and this means that a simple word, can change many times, depending on the context.

I mean one word, depending on the context and language, can be different in declination, even more than 25 times.
Here is a simple example in Latin. (see attached image)


So: to offer a quality translation, it takes months and months of translation because every word must be checked and rechecked in the interface if it corresponds to the context of the sentence where it must be inserted.

Translations could be optimized, creating a possibility for a specific user group, to modify the sentences, directly from the site interface, without downloading the XML file.

One might also think, that when a word has been changed, the translation must be accepted by the administrator.
I think, such a thing, would be much appreciated, by those who spend months and months of translation, to offer a XenForo in your language.

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