Fixed Unchecking "Check spammer's IPs" forces page refresh


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When using the spam cleaner, if when you leave the "Check spammer's IPs" checked, the second modal box with the IP check appears, and you can use the close button to dismiss the modal box normally. The page that spawned the modal box remains unchanged.

If you uncheck that spammer IP check, the spam cleaner modal box disappears, but it forces a page refresh (no matter what page you spawn the cleaner from, whether it's the admin CP or the front end). This can get aggravating when you're trying to clean many spammers, and rather defeats the purpose of the modal window.

I believe this is a bug - the spam cleaner window should behave the same way whether or not you're checking spam IPs.


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This is actually intentional and how it's worked from day one, though I agree it might be unexpected. It's actually more a limitation that the version with the IP check can't do a page reload. As spam cleaning may change a lot of stuff on the page, a reload is a reasonable reaction to ensure that you're seeing data in the current state.


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I see your point, but there are no bulk spam cleaning tools in XenForo. Flipping through logs or the moderation queue to purge multiple spammers is tedious at best, and really the only saving grace is that the modal boxes and lack of page refreshes allows pretty efficient clicking.

This may be a case where an unintended behavior is actually beneficial to the way I use the system, but I'd be surprised if I was the only one who found it useful to clean spammers out of the moderation queue without the page refreshing each time.
Is there anyway to get the refresh back? In our use case this actually takes more time. We have a pretty busy forum which gets a lot of spam in the moderation queue and without knowing what the latest state is it's difficult to track what we've already cleaned and what we haven't.