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Unable to use spam cleaner or issue warnings.


Active member
Bit of an unusual thing as I am an administrator.
Permissions are set to all "YES" for administrators.
So I should really be able to access spam cleaner.
I also cannot find the WARN link anywhere.
Not on posts, in profile overlay, or anywhere.
I have checked and re-checked my settings.
Now I'm concerned there might be an error.


Active member
But did you add your username to the list here? admin.php?moderators/ Not just tick off the moderators usergroup.
Yes. I'm able to move topics and all the forum moderation stuff.
But I cannot seem to access the spam cleaner or issue warnings.
I have got all permissions set to "YES" so I should be able to do it.


Ah, it seems I can't warn or use spam cleaner against moderators.
I was merely trying to test the spam cleaner utility before opening.
And I got worried when I couldn't find it. It works with members. ;)