XF 1.5 Unable To Save Or Create Thread Prefixes (The server responded with an error)


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Hi, I'm un sure to why this has happened, but out of the blue I cannot make new thread prefixes or save them any more

this what I get in my Javascript console.


was to long to post here

the rest of the board functionality seems to work just fine, including java script just thread prefixes no longer working no matter what I do...

nothing seems to fix this, even after re-importing master data, server reboot, DB Repair & Optimise, Xenforo File Replace, All Addones Turned Off. Nothing works. while java script works fine every where else...

Edit: I get javascript error only when I select all boards, but if set to None saves/creates just fine.

I found problem, I only get that error if the total amount of selected nodes exceeds 1122

if I go above that I get that error. how do I raise the limit & Fix this?

I have a total of 1141 Nodes
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You're running into PHP's max_input_vars limit. It defaults to 1000. You'd need to increase this in php.ini. (It's not something XF can change.)