As designed Unable to report user due to privacy settings


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Affected version
2.0 — 2.2
Is this by design? User privacy settings don't allow reporting him.
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\XF\Pub\Controller\Member :: actionReport:
    public function actionReport(ParameterBag $params)
        $user = $this->assertViewableUser($params->user_id); // <- The user's privacy settings do not allow sending a report him

Chris D

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Yeah I'd say this is by design.

The only place we show the "Report" button for a member is on their profile. Meaning you typically have to have access to view their profile in order to report them. For all intents and purposes, reporting a user this way is typically a way to report problematic profile content.

If you need custom behaviour or need to show this report link elsewhere then you would need custom development to change the permission checking logic.