XF 1.2 Unable to Manager Reported Content


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Which permissions do they have and are they members of any other user groups which have those permissions set to Never?

  • In order to have access to all of the moderator tools and functionality, a user must be explicitly made a moderator.
  • Adding a user to the Moderating user group does not make them a moderator, it only accords the user title and permissions associated with that user group.
  • The Moderator Bar is visible for all users who are made moderators. However, the Moderation Queue and Reported Items are only accessible with the following moderator permissions enabled:
    • Moderation Queue - View moderated threads / posts and Delete thread by anyone and Edit post by anyone.
    • Reported Items - Delete post by anyone or Edit post by anyone.

Liam W

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Do you have the relevant permissions?

Check under 'General Moderator Permissions' on the user group permissions.

Use the permissions analyser to check.



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Administrators are not moderators.

They are two separate roles.

As I quoted above you need to explicitly promote them as moderators.
i figured out the problem and XF support provided a solution. I had hidden the right side bar with CSS and it didn't occur to me that the moderation panel on the side would also be hidden. Bringing it back fixed all of the problems.