Not a bug Unable to delete users


I am unable to delete users. Even users awaiting moderation are un-delete-able (although I have no idea why they are awaiting moderation since no where in my settings have I enabled that feature; nor have I ever had a user in the moderation queue prior to installing the beta).

When attempting to delete a user the server replies:
HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

The admincp contains no additional info on the issue. The user that has entered the moderation queue is flagged as a spam bot (once again my configuration is clearly set to "block user registration" and not "Require the registration to be manually approved by an admin").


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There are multiple spam settings that can cause that (by default) - you should check the spam prevention options.

However, this is generally an issue with add-on conflicts. You should update to the latest release and if you still have problems, you may need to disable and/or remove add-ons.


That is a generic server error.
Check your error logs.
I did, there were no issues reported by PHP/MySQL/nginx
I even reverted to Apache2 temporarily and the issue remained.

It has repaired itself however with the installation of Beta 2. I am now able to delete users once again.
The only Add-On I was running was the Resource Manager 1.0.1
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