XF 2.2 Un-embedded Attachment Thumbnails Are Being Blown Up in Size


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Since upgrading to XF 2.2 yesterday, I am finding that all image attachment thumbnails that are un-embedded in posts (shown as the group of images at the bottom of a post) are being blown up to an extremely large size. This means that very blurry thumbnails are being displayed in the full width of the message window.

Clicking on the blown-up thumbnail images goes to the light-box and displays the correct high-res image.

Also, when I embed a thumbnail in a post (say, in between paragraphs), it displays as a regular thumbnail and blows up correctly when clicked, into the light-box higher-res image.

It's only when an image thumbnail goes un-embedded that it is doing this.

What I'm talking about is in the image below. Note that "embedded" attached images display with the correct thumb size. Un-embedded attachments display with a large size and blurriness from being scaled up to a big size.
Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 10.56.08 AM.webp

It appears that this is a new attachment behavior within XF 2.2?

My previous thumbnail size (XF 2.1) was set to 200 px. I began resizing my thumbs down to 175 px, but the server timed out about 10% of the way through the image database.

How can I get the thumbnails, when not embedded in a post, to display at the bottom of a post in their correct size, and not scale up?

Here's an attached image and a PDF attachment (icon), blown up to the full forum screen width.

What I used to have with XF 2.1 was that the thumbnail would be displayed at the specified size, as well as the PDF or attachment icon. Now these are being massively blown up to fill the screen, and blurry at that.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 11.13.59 AM.jpg
Following up on this, I rebuilt / resized all of my forum thumbnails down from 200 pixels to 150 pixels, rebuilt a lot of caches and did other things, but all to no avail. No change in the behavior or treatment of non-embedded images and their thumbnails.

it seems, according to XenForo, that this "scale-up-the-thumbnail-to-a-large-blurry-image" behavior for non-embedded images is [quite unfortunately] a "feature" of the new XF 2.2 software.

It also seems that XF development powers-that-be are aware of this, and are considering making changes to the behavior.

In my opinion, they can't do this quickly enough. This is an egregious "fail" and is one instance when a new feature is NOT a step forward. It would be interesting to know why this change was made -- what is the benefit to the user of the forum?

@AndyB has created an updated add-on that automatically embeds all attached images (which are non-embedded by the poster) to the bottom of a post, as a proper/clear thumbnail image, upon the saving of the post.

Thank you for doing this, Andy. It's a very reasonable workaround to get past this new "feature" of XF 2.2.

I STRONGLY hope that and urge the XF development team reconsiders this feature and will revert it back to a more proper behavior of standard size and clarity of thumbnails for un-embedded attached images.

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