um i new


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Tye yes there is quick help, and lots of it. We can answer general questions about how XF works - no problem. There is also a demo you can explore.

There is a Manual tells you how to install and set up your XF - (under the Home link at top then see tabs at top there)

For specific help on your own XF forum project you need to do 2 things.

1. If you have not done it, go to the Customers area (under the Home link at top).
In there you must link your forum account here as Tye to the XF install you bought.

2. Ask specific questions about what you want to know.
There are 100s maybe 1000s of bits of info - a general call for Help! doesn't tell us what you need.

Welcome among us.


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First thing you have to learn...give a good explanation of what is happening, any error messages, and what you expect to happen. Then, once we know the basics, we'll begin to help you figure out what is happening. So let's try again. Hello Tye, welcome to Xenforo. What's happening...exactly....? ;)