XF 2.0 Two sets of tables in one MySql db, 1 for xf, 1 for WordPress site?

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Can I have two sets of database tables in our MySql database - one for our WordPress site and one for xf? The support person I'm working with has offered to make this happen, but I believe the xf installer would then remove all the tables and install it's own. In that case the procedure would be to copy all the current tables out to another db, do the install and then copy back.

Why wouldn't we want to use the same MySql database? Speed reasons?

Some of you will probably suggest we change hosts, but that is out of my reach at the moment in terms of responsibility. Here's another option. I did pick up a very similar domain name with HostGator. I was planning to point this domain to the forum hosted elsewhere. Maybe we'll host with HostGator for the forum and be done with it.

How is this normally done with reasonably low cost? The domain is for a retired professor who has written a couple of books in his retirement and we're establishing and more general topic forum for some practical discussions on his self-help books.

Thanks for any feedback.
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Joe Kuhn

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Last two interactions with host support:

> Please move our database "feedkindnessforum" from "pacificloon" to
> "dp-904d9377ba" so it's alongside our other database
> "feedkindness_com_1".

I'm sorry about that, DreamPress currently only supports one database per
server. With that being said "Feedkindnessforum" can't be migrated from
the shared server (Pacificloon) to your dp-904d9377ba DreamPress server.
If you want the database to be used on the same server, you will need to
migrate the "feedkindnessforum" database tables to "feedkindness_com_1."
At the end of that process you would have two sets of database tables in
the "feedkindness_com_1" database -- one for WordPress and one for your
other application. I can also complete this task for you if you would
like, just let me know!

> How much would it cost to be able to have a second database available
> on our server "dp-904d9377ba" so it's alongside our other database
> "feedkindness_com_1"? Our domain is feedkindness.com.

I'm sorry about that, currently adding a second database to the server
isn't an available add-on service. Specifically, the issue has to do with
how DreamPress is configured and how the WordPress service is tied into
the features that are available. It's definitely a service limitation, I
apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any additional questions or
concerns please don't hesitate to reach out!