XF 1.5 Two Domains


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Hi everyone, I have a xenforo site which was created as a niche for a particular brand let's say and this is all fictional by the way -


Now the site has grown and people have different cars but still want to use the site but they want their own identity via domain name but the same content. Which I believe is were we start to create a network.

So I have a new domain -


And I have it setup so the new domain is parked and it shows the exactly the same content as my first domain.

I have restructured the site to give it two sections. But remember the aim is to have two domains but one set of content.

Can anyone advise what the seo impacts will be? I am pretty sure google will detect duplicate content and penalise me but not sure 100%.

I could setup multiple sites, multiple databases and form a network where you enter and exit each domain and they have their own content but I really want to avoid it from a complexity point and users are happy accessing content from their section and being able to view all other information in one area.

I also am trying to avoid a 301 redirect as I want the users to have a feeling of having the choice and experience of the domain they wish to use not just being force redirected.

Any ideas on SEO impact to having two domains but a shared database so the same content for both?
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