XF 2.2 Twitter login settings?

Black Tiger

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I want to configure the Twitter login to my forum, but some part is not described in the manual and since I like some safety, I don't know what to fill in.

So on the "Keys and Tokens" page, there is the Api key and the secret key.
Below it, there is the "Access token & Access token secret".
Now there are options.
  • Read-Only
  • Read and Write
  • Read, write, and Direct Messages

What should one choose here?

Then there is the "Permissions" tab.
Same choices here. When I select read and write, then when testing it looks like my forum is allowed to post on the users Twitter account, which seems not correct to me, So I presume I have to choose only Read here.

Can somebody tell me what is the best and safest to do? Which options to I have to select. Is read-only enough or must one of both be read and write or...??
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