Twitter integration in Beta 1?


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From what I remember, developers have planned to add on support for Twitter/openid and other login systems.

My question is. When are they planned to be added. At least one of these before the release of Beta 1/v1?

The reason for this question is... Facebook integration is pretty awesome. I do not even have a password on this forum as I can just login using my Facebook account...

But Facebook is not likely to attract a lot of new users because it is tied to their personal profile. I actually want to disconnect my Facebook profile from here but do not know how to! It reveals my real name and my photo from my FB profile.

Twitter on the other hand is not so private in nature. It does not require you to have a real name... So, more people are likely to join using their Twitter account compared to Facebook. Support for Google Accounts, OpenID would also be very welcome as soon as possible!


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Alright. I hope they are planned for future releases though. Not a big fan of FB. It's a privacy nightmare. More comfortable logging into third party services myself with Twitter as it is designed to be more public by the nature of it!

Thanks for the quick response :)

PS. How do I disconnect my FB profile here now?


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argh. of course. i cannot change the user name without moderators' involvement after disconnecting my FB account from here.

any plans to offer it for cases when the account was created through facebook. and that means your real name is used on the forum. now i have disconnected it but my real name is still used on the forum?!


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You don't have to use your real name when you register with FB - you're given an option to change it before the account was created. If you want your name changed, PM me.