XF 2.2 Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Etc not generating thumbnails


Hi - I've only had this software for about a week and I wanted to say first off that so far you guys have been super helpful, and I really appreciate it.

The next issue I'd like to solve is how shares work to social medias.

Typically, when you share a link to Twitter or Facebook and so on, it will go fetch an image from the post or site you're sharing from and post the picture to encourage people to follow the link back to your site. That doesn't seem to be the case here and I was wondering how to make this work from our end?

I know there are certain APIs that can do this but I'm drawing a blank as to what they're even called, much less how to integrate them into XF.

Thanks in advance for the information. Our site is now live btw thanks to your help!
I'd be happy to look into those, I'll have to research which ones might do that.

So just to clarify, that's not built into the forums by default?

Thanks again!
Only the single default og image is shown when sharing content.

The og image is set in the style properties - Metadata Logo URL .
here is one.

here is another one.

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