XF 2.2 Tweaking HTML code to look visually nice


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Wondering if anyone would be able to help me tweak the following code so it just looks a bit nicer visually!
So far this is what is displayed:

by using the following code:
<xf:if contentcheck="true">
     <div style="background-color: blue; color: #FFF; padding: 2px; border: 2px solid #ff0000; border-radius: 5px 5px 5px 5px;">
        <center> <xf:contentcheck>{$user.Profile.custom_fields.AllianceName}</xf:contentcheck></center>
Also when viewing on mobile, it seems to stretch all the way across the screen :(

Would be nice to try and get it to look as professional as the proper banners above.
All advice greatly appreciated :D
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