Lack of interest Tweak codemirror and ACP code editing and viewing

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It's a pain in the rump sometimes using the built in editor as it's missing basic functionality like an intuitive ctrl + f that allows you to quickly and easily cycle through results with enter, without accidentally adding line breaks to your code. (How it works in the wordpress code mirror)

The other thing that's super annoying is there's no block commenting with ctlr /

It looks like this is possible with comment/comment/js -
Again, this seems to work in the wordpress implementation.

Could this please be added?

Could the editor also expand to full monitor height so we can fully utilise large or portrait monitors.

With the diff overlay too, for comparing template custom changes in the template section and the test button in the TMS system.
It's really annoying how narrow it is at 800px, with no way to expand or full screen it. It means you're constantly having to scroll both vertically and horizontally. Maybe bump it up to 98% width instead, and stretch to fill the height of the monitor, or give us a full screen button to expand it.

Similarly with the template modification system. The find and replace fields are fixed size with no way to drag or adjust them, and you lose half the screen because of the layout with all the field labels in their own column and the whole thing is fixed width. Perhaps a full screen button here so we can get height and width? Or made the text fields adjustable for height and have that block-container stretch instead of being fixed width?

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