Turnkey Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone [Deleted]


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All this talk about the cost by Sayden?
To me it's simple;
In life - you get what you pay for.
200 USD is nothing for something like this. Try getting a native white labelled app for things like chats for example? close to £1k!
This really is nothing when taking into consideration the work that's gone into this.
We will probably be purchasing some point down the road. :)
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Few questions if I may... I read over the RM post + FAQ so I'm sorry if i missed one

You mention group support, however the snippet includes bug posting as well. So if I find a bug I have to post it and get enough people to like it for you to fix it?

Does the app stay on the store at the end of the year if I choose not to renew?

Do you know of any way to force a specific style when a user is browsing on the app itself?


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I can't seem to get notifications to work. I installed @RoldanLT's forum app and signed up, but never got a notification for the auto-conversation that his forum sends out upon registration.

Does anyone have any screenshots of the notifications?


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interesting, so the app can be run while the addon is disabled?
Yes, without extra features.
so the addon is mainly for push notifications?
Push Notifications, and other extra features.
care to tell me what is the issue as im gonna have my forum apps soon as well
Related to this update: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/mobile-app-for-xenforo-with-push-notifications-android-iphone-ipad.4731/update?update=17271

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Well I got the addon installed and the apps are submitted to the respective app stores and I am anxious to check out the iOS one since I use an iPhone.


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If i read correctly,
- I will get an app on google play and apple app store
- the apps will be basically your forum on a mobile web browser, but with notifications enabled.

- Is there a roadmap of features for the apps? For example will users be able to add attach images off their phone/camera etc? xenforo criteria if the user has logged in via a mobile app so they can be added to a user group?
- I am testing the app using @RoldanLT's app, is there a way to lessen the time on the load graphic? Or perhaps not show that at all?
- saw the back/forward buttons as soon as i logged onto the above forum. Since both dont really do anything on the first page you land, is that needed? Can it be disabled?
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Do you know of any way to force a specific style when a user is browsing on the app itself?
There are ways and ways to force a specific style, but until we move to the next stage of things in the next 3 to 6 months, the focus is on stability, not implementing small features likes this.
This is rather easy and should be possible with the current version. Just add the style id to the url the app calls.