Turnkey Mobile Apps for XenForo with Addon/Theme Support, Android & iPhone [Deleted]


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Branded Turn-key iPhone/Android Apps for XenForo - Branded, push alert-enabled, dedicated app with iTunes/Google Play listing, no ads, turn-key.

We are publishing mobile apps on the Apple and Android Stores -- with push notifications -- essentially a mini-browser wrapped around XenForo.

In order to comply with the community's guidelines for listing in the resource manager, we are required to provide this...

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I would like to recoup the cost of purchasing this add-on from members by offering the app at a low fee. Is this supported?


Feature requests:
  1. Use alternative PUSH server.
  2. Share image / video from the phone to XFMG.
  3. Share file from the phone to XFRM.
  4. Use location to fill XF location.
  5. Add XF contacts to phone contacts.
  6. Send XF conversation to phone contact.
  7. Invite phone contacts to XF.
  8. Speech to post.
  9. Share calendar event to FS Events.
  10. PUSH notification preferences in XF account.
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this is much better imo

can i disable likes notifications just for the app?
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wow, this has evolved quickly!
vbresults, if we purchase the add-on to allow you to use our store account, can you replace our old tapatalk white labeled app with this one? (ie, so that when someone using hte tapatalk app 'updates' it, the update they'll get is your app.... I would assume you'd just need to use the same appID right?
For iOS, yes. For android, only if you have your keystore, keystore password, and key password.
ok, great i'm sure we've got those details lying around here somewhere -- as you know, when you do a tapatalk white label, they make you go thru all the hoops of setting up accounts yourself, the iOS part was particularly challenging and irritating!
@vbresults I appreciate your change of policies after the initial launch. This evolves into the right direction.

Once the push notifications are completely associated to the alert system I will jump on board. Right now I use Pushover add-on which is extremely good. I would need the app to be equivalent to that.
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