XF 1.1 Turning off IP logging

Assuming one is running a private (invite only) forum, and has no need for IP logging on the basis of privacy and anonymity, is it possible to disable IP logging in XenForo altogether?

The actual server has been setup around the focal point of privacy, so there are no IP tables on the physical machine either.

How would one go about disabling IP logging? I do not want to run a database query to clear out the IP information, I just don't want it to begin with.
I appreciate your help, but can you give me a more specific answer? What exactly would need to be edited? What templates? What PHP files? What lines?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


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You might be able to hack it to remove the IP before the App starts to properly run. Assuming XenForo uses this global you could add this to the top of index.php and admin.php.