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[TSW] Xbox Live and PSN Identity Services

Shaun Mason

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This thread actually is host to two separate Add-on's, but they are very similar so I am placing them together.

The first will add a Xbox Live identity service field in your Profile->Contact Details.
The second will add a Playstation Network identity service field in the same spot.

This is an early release, I plan to extend them both in the near future to provide links to the Xbox Live and PSN websites. I would also like to credit Darkimmortal here, his Steam Identity Service Add-on is the real basis for this.

Please let me know if you find any issues. I am just learning PHP and MVC, so be mindful that I may not know what I am doing.=)

Version 1.0
Initial Build

Version 2.o
This version hooks into the member_view template and provides links to the appropriate Xbox Live and Playstation Network member page.


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  • [TSW] Playstation Network Identity Service - V2.zip
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  • [TSW] Xbox Live Identity Service - V2.zip
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Yes but this should work in conjunction with a future mod of let's say, showing xbl avatar in signatures down the road based on the xbl name filled in the live gamertag field.

LOL easy you say :) How humble. Keep it up


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Show off :D

I did one for LinkedIn but just by manually adding a file and the service.
I didn't have time to create it as an add-on.
A bit of a problem with this, upgraded to V2, but it didn't upgrade, so I unistalled. Uploaded v2, but now won't install, just get ID error as they must be unique.


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should be an AIO gaming addon in my opinion :p

if you have the time that is, should include psn/xbox/steam/and one you can custom add like battlefield names..