XF 2.2 Trying, Unsuccessfully, To Make Things Disappear When in New Posts

Steve Freides

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In the ACP, under Setup -> Navigation, I have turned off a number of things, e.g., Your News Feed. There are multiple sections here in the ACP: Default, Home, What's New, Members.

But most of my forum users, including me, click on New Posts, and when in New Posts, all the things I turned off appear and I don't want to see them. How can I turn them off there? It's as if I need, but don't have, another section in the ACP to control what appears in New Posts.Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 6.20.02 AM.png

Thanks in advance for your replies - as this is the main way most of us access our forum, it's important.



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you can hide it with some css

untested, but try this and put it in the extra.css template

body[data-template="whats_new_posts"] div.p-sectionLinks { display: none; }