Trying to setup on windows server


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We finally got our windows server's ISS stuff working and I tried loading xenforo on there. This is what I get when I go to our domain

Then when I click on the install file it doesent load the usual setup thing like it did on the other 2 machines I set this up on. It just shows the files content like this

So what's going on? why won't it let the install stuff load? Can anyone help me out?

Chris D

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What happens when you click on one of the .php files? e.g. index.php?

Starting from the beginning, IIS doesn't support PHP out of the box. That needs to be added. If you have not done that yet, you can install it from here:

If you have already done all that, I'd be interested to see what the error is when you try to click on one of those PHP files.

If the PHP files do load ok when you click on them, then you might need to set a default document. That can be done in the IIS Manager. You would need to set this as index.php.

You will also want to turn off directory browsing which is basically the feature which is showing you the directories.


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First off open IIS manager. Once it opens click on the Machine name. It's just under the start page. In the right pane under IIS double click Directory Browsing and disable it.

Now after you shut that off go go back to where you were and double click Handler Mappings. Look to see if PHP is in the list. If it isn't install PHP. To make it easy to install PHP download PHP Manager and install it. After it is installed refresh IIS manager and you'll see a new entry on the right for it. Double click it. You can now install PHP using it. First download PHP at Make sure to download non thread safe version.

Extract the zip, I extract to C:\inetpub\php-version so for 5.4.11 I would extract to C:\inetpub\php-5.4.11. This allows you to run more than 1 version of PHP if you choose.

After you extract PHP use PHP Manager to set it up and to enable the extensions you'll need.

If you don't have PHP installed you probably don't have mysql installed either. Download and install mysql Again use the zip and not the installer.