Server OS (Windows Server?)


Good Evening,

We're in the early stages of upgrading Xenforo to the latest version but due to the changes this brings and impact it has on our current theme/addons, we're looking to use it as a major change that'll see a new style and setup. Due to the extent of the work we plan to do, we're looking to set up a new server that will eventually become our production environment and replace our existing.

At the moment we're using Ubuntu 16.04, hosted by Linode. We've never really had any problems and our forum is quite small (500 members but realistically, only 20-30 active at one time) and an average of 100 posts a day at a peak. This brings me to the question ...

Are there any main objections against hosting XF on a Windows Server and what would the negatives be for a forum of my size? I'm more comfortable and know my way around a windows server, IIS etc more than Ubuntu and the rest are alien to me. I can tend to figure my way around Ubuntu but I wouldn't say I'm confident in what I'm doing and paying for it to be managed isn't an option.

We've had Ubuntu with our current setup for years, so I suppose it could be a case of don't fix what isn't broken but we'd still like to start fresh on a new server as a chance to get a clean slate, so to speak. Alternatively, if against windows server, I'd focus on setting up again on Ubuntu or another OS if there's any other recommendations out there (Ideally one that would have a lot of help guides!).

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I would look at the rather excellent centminmod which is a fully optimised stack and runs like a dream. Details here :
I'll second this motion - it's nearly plug-n-play and while it's highly customizable, it's also well organized for those that aren't full comfortable with CLI.

I've got a background of equal experience with Windows/IIS and *NIX/Apache/NGINX platforms and I'd never go back to Win/IIS unless it's for business of functionality reasons.

But yes, XF will do fine on IIS so long as you know the ins/outs of configuring IIS for it.