Add-on Trying to locate a particular "Shop" add-on


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I've been a member of a forum for quite a few years now ( that uses XenForo and has a bank/shop system in place for incentives. I really like their setup and I want to replicate it on the forum I just migrated to XenForo. I figured out the Bank piece well enough (they are using [bd] banking) but I can't for the life of me figure out which "Shop" add-on they are using. I've asked their site administrator but they refuse to tell me, and said I need to seek the answer through XenForo support.

Which is what leads me here.

I know there's no way to view the shop and bank without registering for the site so I'll add some screenshots here. Basically, they are using the "Cash" earned from [bd] banking to purchase VIP status and other privileges on the site. Based on that, can someone tell me which add-on this is?



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