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Trying to link to gallery/users/$user_id/albums from navigation_visitor_tab


Well-known member
I'm trying to add a link labeled "My media" or something like that on the navigation_visitor_tab template.

I have been trying with no luck:

<a href="{xen:link xengallery/users/albums, $user}">My media</a>
<a href="{xen:link xengallery/users/$user/albums}">My media</a>
<a href="{xen:link xengallery/users/albums, $user, '$user={$visitor.user_id}'}">

I give up... any idea please? Thanks!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
<a href="{xen:link xengallery/users/albums, $visitor}">My albums</a>
<a href="{xen:link xengallery/users, $visitor}">My media</a>