XF 2.1 Trying to figure out ad banner placement


I just subscribed to some affiliate program.

They offer "deeplinks", which are links to specific product URLs which I enter in the text of posts. That seems to go ok.

For the rest, there are banners, all kinds of sizes. You get some javascript for each.

I went to adc > setup > advertising. Not really sure how to proceed there.

a) banners have specific sizes, but not sure which size is suitable for each "position".

b) not sure which position is where exactly. You have things like "Container sidenav below". And it's a long list of "positions".
Either way, I picked something at random (Thread view: above message list) and I thought I'll figure it out in practice. I copied my javascript in the HTML field but when I click on "Save" I get the error "Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console."

Can anyone help out?



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Press F12 to activate the browser inspector and select the Console tab.

That will show the cause of the error.

If it's a 403 error, you will need to contact your host, as it is a server issue.


Different question.

It seems that mobile and desktop kind of need different sizes. In most cases, for the desktop, wide sizes make more sense, when for the mobile, a square ad is more appropriate.

Is there a way to differentiate and have one size appear on desktops and a different size appear on mobiles?