XF 2.0 Trying to create Downloads Import


I'm trying to make a IPB 3.4 Downloads importer for XF 2.0, I can make the code read the Downloads from the IPB database, but I'd like to know what the best way of importing the files & file information would be, some Uploads have multiple parts in them so I'd need to make it handle that correctly as well.

My questions in short; Could someone show me a small example on how to handle the uploading with resource title and information.
I've been going at it for another day and I must be completely missing the function that simply calls the uploading and writing of the files and the post to the database.

I'd appreciate if someone could help me out.


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Importers aren't really trivial things. They can't generally use the normal approaches as they need to maintain things that aren't normally directly controllable, such as date of creation or other metadata, and they shouldn't trigger things like notifications.

Ideally, an importer would be created with our import framework which you can find in the XF\Import namespace. There is a fair amount of code that you would need to write to do this though.