XF 1.1 Trophy User Titles not changing after XX number of posts.


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Hi, this has probably been posted before.
(apologies for being too lazy to look around).

But the Trophy User Titles are not changing after XX number of posts.
Here are my Trophy User Titles. And you'll see the XX posts required. ;)
(if you don't see anything please refer to the attached screenshot, thanks).

Anyway, I have a few members who've made 10+ posts.
But their user title is still showing as "Nanobyte". Advice?


Chris D

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Trophy titles aren't awarded on the number of posts.

Note that it says "Number of points". It doesn't say "Number of posts".

Trophy points are awarded for achieving Trophies. You can award trophies based on the number of posts among many other criteria.

In that sense, it's much more flexible than some other software that base titles solely on points.

Chris D

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Oh I've only just noticed that. LOL!
Is there an addon to enable this then?
There's probably no need.

You could just make it so that tophies are only awarded based on the number of posts. In that sense, it's then exactly the same thing.

Chris D

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Go to Admin CP > Users > Trophies and then add or remove the trophies you want people to earn points for.

So you can award points for the number of messages people create, the number of likes people receive, whether it's their birthday, how long they've been registered, etc.

You would just need to remove the trophies from that list that you don't like, and add trophies based on post count.

Check out the trophy called "Addicted" which is awarded for 1000 messages for an example of how to set those up.

Alternatively, you could embrace this difference and take the view that trophy points are way more important and relevant and a better marker of someone's achievements than simply message count.