Trophy User Titles

I can see from my demo board that there are trophy user titles, where the user titles are judged by however many trophy points a user has. Is it possible to either have one or both a trophy user title AND a post user title, where the user title is judged by however many posts a user has?

Hopefully I haven't embarrassed myself and missed this option whilst looking through the administrator control panel... :unsure:

And to save opening another topic, there are 12 default smilies that come with a default installation. Am I be able to obtain the extra 18 smilies provided on this forum?
But I cannot have both working individually from each other? To have a trophy points count and a post count?

Whereabouts are they in the directory? Once you download the files (after purchasing the license) you must add them manually for the extra 18 smilies? Sorry for the silly questions, I am using the demo forum so don't know what is included with the package.
Confusing at first, but I'm sure I will get used to it once playing around with it more. I understand what you've said and I know where they are located after looking at it properly. As for the smilies, so long as they come with the package then that's perfect.

Thanks for the quick support Brogan. ;)
I've now bought a XenForo license and just wanted to get all of the default smilies as provided on this forum. How do I go about doing it correctly Brogan? I've read the topic you've linked me to containing the SQL dump file but just can't figure out how to go about doing it (if possible can you provide a step-by-step process?). I don't want to mess anything up... I'd like to have the full 35 smilies created by Shelley.

Thanks a lot Brogan. I hope to hear from you soon.


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The thread I linked to already contains step-by-step instructions.

Log in to phpMyAdmin
Truncate the xf_smilie table
Import the SQL
Edit a single smiley and save
Alright Brogan, I've now done everything needed to get the new smilies added and I was successful, however the script only included 30 of the total 35 smilies created by Shelley. How do I get the missing five? Do I have to do it manually?