Trophy points not updating.

I manually edited the trophy points of one user back to 5 from his 10 after we revised a trophy points criteria for the forum. Now, even after he reached the new criteria, his trophy points is staying at 5. How do I correct this and let the system calculate the points automatically again?
No what I mean is, the rule initially was to award 5 points when the user has reached 25 likes. This particular user already had 5 trophy points and it increased to 10 when he reached 25 likes. That was exactly the time when we updated the rule to 5 points after a user reaches 50 likes. So, to keep it fair, we reduced his trophy points to 5 through ACP -> User. Now, he has 51 likes and his trophy points is still at 5. I'm wondering if setting it in ACP makes it permanently 5 or what.

The trophy rule is correctly set - I double-checked.


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Brogan's point is relevant - he was already awarded that trophy, you just changed the criteria after he received it. He hasn't received it again at 50 likes.
Oh I'm sorry I totally misunderstood the post. The code is obviously smarter than me! Thanks. I have now manually updated it to 10 and from above I gather that it would automatically update from now on. Please close this thread, thank you.