Trophy Overhaul


First post, so not sure if this goes here or not. I'd like to have an add-on created that does several things.

#1 Easy to make new trophies, even animated ones.
#2 Able to turn achievements from games or custom info from game server data into trophies.
#3 Create a "pinboard" for players to post the trophies they select. Should be on their profile page. Should also be skinnable, either with preset game skins or custom skin. Players should also be able to choose between 3 sizes to display.
#4 virtual currency players earn for interaction in games and on site
#5 ability to buy, sell, trade, and auction trophies in a trophy marketplace
#6 ability for admins to introduce new "trophies" that players can buy using real or in game currency. Imagine like a limited edition COD rifle, or a minecraft pick, or something.
any chance of making this happen? I don't have a lot of cash (xenforo is expensive for a college student) but I could throw a donation or something if I needed to encourage this.
Still looking for help on this. I have a proposal ready to go on how to make coherently work, but I don't have the know how to make it work by myself. I'm looking for people to help make this a reality, or potentially even go beyond this and make an entire xenforo site and split any profits. Let me know if anybody is interested.
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