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XF 2.0 Trimming Thread Titile in New Threads widgets and Threads List

3rd AnGle

Well-known member
There was a discussion about this for xf1 but i thought it'd be more appropriate to start a new one for xf2 not to mix up, as codes have been changed.

I am trying to trim the thread title length probably using ellipsis on the New Threads widgets and the forum thread list.

Can you guide me which templates should i edit and how to do it?

Here's the xf1 discussion https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ead-title-after-a-certain-length-with.113765/

3rd AnGle

Well-known member

for those who are looking for this solution i managed to do it with this

  1. find the template structured_list.less
  2. Under .structItem-title, make the changes like the following. 50ch is the max character i had chosen. You can choose yours

font-size: @xf-fontSizeLarge;
font-weight: @xf-fontWeightNormal;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
overflow: hidden;
white-space: nowrap;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

max-width: 50ch;