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XF 1.4 Trasnlated Phrases Export


Active member
Hello guys,

I have already talked about it but it still don't make sense to me.

I have a "Brazilian" language and when I select to export it, I select "Get untranslated phrases", whats the sense of the exportation of the phrases that are already translated to portuguese ? I think that this option should export only the phrases that are equal to the default language (enlgish), right?

I made a test exporting 2 files: with and without this checkbox marked and there are strange differences between them: The first one (which I marked the box) has more results than the second one. The first file got some untrasnslated phrases from a plugin and the second one don't. But both files got translated and untranslated phrases.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's not untranslated only. It includes the untranslated ones so you can do the translation in the XML file. If you want to find untranslated phrases, you can identify them using the search phrases page.