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Fixed  Translation: own phrases for "any" and "none"


XenForo developer
Staff member
Do consider how nightmarish this would be for English speaking-devs to get right. Short of defining values for every. single. time. that. we. use. them, I'm not sure how this could be done correctly. Languages will have varying suffixes (well, varying words) depending on the gender they use for the subject, etc. Translation will necessarily require a bit of lateral thinking it get right; presumably you could translate something like "any" to "any item" in all cases, though I couldn't tell you every context it's used it.

Please point to some of the problematic usages.


Well-known member
I agree with Mike, is a complicated task.
I think we should try to find some equivalent in our language, and if no solution is possible then ask here the phrase individually.
It is true that sometimes there is no solution.
"None" could be a good example, as noted Pepelac.
But we would have to tell Mike where in we need to have a different version for male or female :)