Translating xenForo .. But what happens with next version..


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Hi ..

As title says - I'm a long way in translating xenForo and alot of modules/add-ons to danish ..

However, I have one concern I would like to have clarified from some of you who have been in with xf for a long time.

What happens to my translations when a new version of either xenForo or a specific module comes out and I upgrade? Will everything be lost or is the system intelligent enough to take care of it.

I'm not a programmer, so I have no clue what is happening under the hood.

Please tell me what I need to take care of, so it will not be lost with future upgrades.


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Any translated phrases are retained.

Any outdated phrases will need to be reverted and translated again.

A phrase will only become outdated if the master phrase is changed between releases - in reality this will occur infrequently.

You will also need to translate any new phrases with each release.


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every time I upload a new language-package-release (for german), then my custom phrases get overwritten.
How to deal with that ?