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I have a VB forum and I am soooo ready to move to a new platform. This one is very appealing for a number of reasons, but I have some pretty important questions first.

Are there xenforo experts available for hire who can do the conversion?​
Will SEO automatically apply to old threads?​
Can existing members "merge" their account with their FB accounts? My people are silly about their number of posts and stuff. Many of them would probably like to merge with their FB accounts, but not if it meant losing all their posts attributed to them.​
Will my existing embedded youtube videos work?​
Is is easy to integrate advertising (banner ads and such)?​
Is there an option for doing paid memberships (or donations)?​
What does the control panel look like? I need a better system for keeping spammers out. VB is really complicated, and if I need to ban by email or IP there are several steps I must go through separately from simply banning a member.​

I have more questions but that should get me started. Thanks! :)
Are those addon free in general ? I'm sorry about the cost questions but my financial situation is very bad atm and I don't want my users to pay ;)
Addons are both, really - we have quite a few really good paid add-ons, but you could easily build a heavily-modded site with only free add-ons.

As for your request for badges/ribbons: users have their title below their avatar which gives their rank - New Member, Moderator, Administrator, etcetera. If you want a proper ribbon or badge, you can get an add-on like [RT] User Rank Ribbons to do that, or you can use XenForo's built-in CSS system to style their usernames/titles to have an icon next to them. For example, I'm currently doing this on the forum I'm building:


You can see the star I've added by my name - that implies that I'm an administrator. You could easily make the username or title red, or add a larger star icon to your tastes though - anything you can do with CSS, you can add to your title :D If you need a hand doing something like that, let me know and I'll help if I can. :)
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