Transferred hosts, but got an fatal error


I decided to move host and followed the instructions here, however I keep getting a fatal error. I have refreshed my cookies, restarted the server and now I am stuck. Help would be appreciated.
I have uploaded all the files I doubled checked, but I am still getting the same error. I downloaded all the files last night and backed up the database. It seems to have not worked.


Check if this directory home/rostaria/public_html/library/XenForo/ exists and if it includes a file called Autoloader.php
It looks like not all the files downloaded properly. The host was acting weird last night. Everytime I tried to download anything it would time out and disconnect. Now it appears when it did work it didnt download all the files properly.


I don't unzip the .zip - but upload the full .zip and unpack it on the host through shell.
If shared hosting doesn't offer this, and the host is acting up .. perhaps consider upgrading to a more serious solution: VPS. Small VPS accounts usually are equal to the costs of shared, but add so much more, including full control of the accounts, software, and their settings. Perfect for a social and dynamic community site.


Sorry, true.

You can always re-upload the default XenForo 1.0.4 files and make sure that config.php is updated.

Disable plugins, if any are installed.

Also make sure that internal_data/ and data/ are chmod to 777

Invisible files aren't downloaded usually, .htaccess starts with a . (dot) on Linux/Unix systems that makes them 'invisible'. Make sure you have that one.


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Be very careful what you're doing.
If you upload the full 1.0.4 package then there's a chance you will lose all attachments and avatars.
At the very least you will need to download those two directories from your old host.

You need to upload the upgrade package.

Also, if you have any add-ons installed then they won't be included so will need to be uploaded separately.

Your posts are stored in the SQL database, which needs to be exported from your old host and imported into your new host/database.


Well, when I mean "upload" the files, I do mean to MERGE with existing directories and OVERWRITE existing files.

Since the upgrade .zip from xenforo does include internal_data/ and data/ it does not have the attachments from your board, etc. So it won't 'delete' those. It will just merge the dirs.

Of course, as always, always always always back up before doing anything that has effect to the database where the data is stored and the files that powers it all.
Now I am scared to do anything.
The avatars can be uploaded again and as far as I am aware there was no attachments connected.
Can anyone help me do it properly?


Is your data still on the other host? At all? ..

Download the FULL directory, and get the .SQL dump of the database.

Restore it on the new host, update config.php - check if .htaccess is there, and you are good to go after chmod on the internal_data/ and data/ dir.

if moving between hosts is not something you're experienced with, and you still have access to both hosting accounts, perhaps consider the xenforo move services we offer at - our team member mikey has experience with it and if he has the time surely he has no problem helping for a fee. Perhaps worth considering.


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Could he not upload the full installation to the new host then upload the backups overwriting the files that the backup still has and using the full installations files to fill in the blanks of sorts where the backup download missed files..?

Also does your old host have cpanel, you could export a backup of the home directory and the sql individually and save the two tar.gz files as backups so you don't have to worry about losing anything as you continue to sort your issues, or even do a
tar -zcvf foroBackup.tar.gz /home/rostaria
on your old server from CLI to manually backup the home directory and then simply download the archive you created
. This is of course only if you still have access to your old server.