Transfer to new server --> alerts/posts are still unread


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I have transferred one my forums from a shared to a dedicated server, and everything is working as it should except for one thing.

Posts and alerts doesn't clear as read after viewing/reading them. They stay marked as unread.

How can this be?


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This is probably a shot in the dark but the problem you describe with the posts not clearing might be time-based since that's usually how they're marked like when you read a thread. Check the server/XF time and see if it's correct, or if it differs from the server you transferred from?


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Update: a tech guy at the host has told me that they believe it's a MySQL 5.5 issue. On a test server, they were able to eliminate all the problems after just downgrading the database to 5.0.67.

Are there any known compatibility issues between XenForo 1.1.2 and MySQL 5.5.x?