transfer license to a customer


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As the license can be transferred within 120 days it means that if I'm developing a forum for a customer I can buy the licenses directly and then transfer it to the customer within 120 days? Can this be done on a regular basis or the 120 days rule is there only for "mistakes".


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As I mentioned to you in the conversation, I would only recommend that end users purchase the license directly themselves.

What you are proposing would mean the final end user of the license would be stuck with a license they can never sell or transfer, as it will already have been transferred once (to them).

Your understanding of the license terms is also incorrect - license can only be transferred after 120 days.


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You're right Brogan, I miss-read "not before". I read it "before". :oops:

Is this a way to avoid people to buy licenses in bulk and than sell transfers?