tracking members/guests online

Ryan Kent

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I would like to track my site activity for both members and guests. What I am hoping to learn is:

- What times of day my member activity peaks
- What times of day my guest activity peaks

This way I can ensure backups and other processes do not run during these time periods. My site attracts visitors from USA, Europe, Australia and Russia so my peak times may be out of the norm for a standard US site.

Also I would like to gather stats on, and possible share, information such as "Most members online on April 2nd count = xyz" and a similar stat for total visitors.

Does XF offer anything I can leverage in this regard? Or would this be more of an add-on type of thing?


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You should be able to do the first part of that with a combination of Webalizer, AWStats and Google Analytics.
Between those three, you will have more data than you know what to do with.

Most members online would have to be an add-on as that's not something that is tracked by the afore-mentioned programs.