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total customized homepage

Hi, I'm hoping to have a total custom homepage built... How would I do this? It could be a php page, or something... is there a module or addon that already can do this? I took a quick look at xenporta, but it still looks very forum-ish, and I am not certain it can pull the first picture from the latest post in a specified forum...

Anyway, looking for ideas, etc.

My client site is currently running vb 3.7x and I'm thinking of moving them over to xenforo.

I'm attaching a basic idea of what we want. How is this possible? Their main website is built using Expression Engine, and I can create a template and use php to call the first image in the latest post in a certain forum? Using php?

Sorry this sounds so.... like I don't knwo what i am talking about. I'm a project manager... trying to figure out who to put on the job (or looking for a very good freelancer to help me with this project). I have php folks I work with already -- do you really need to know xenforo super well to be able to do this?

Point me in the right direction folks! Thanks so much.


Can anyone help me understand how to use an external page as a custom home page? Rearranging info, like the image above shows?


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You will need an add-on to achieve that, as it will need to pull data from the forums, threads, etc.

Essentially you want a portal which is tailored to your needs.
Yeah. That's what I want. Does someone need specific knowledge of xenforo to accomplish this, or is standard php knowledge enough?