Too Many Forums?


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A while ago I did some re-arranging, but I'm wondering if we still have too many forums for our statistics at the present time (though we do plan on starting to advertise ourselves and maybe get a lot more activity, but we can always expand later).

Some things I did:
  • Removed The Backyard forum and merged it with the Spam Sector forum and added a prefix to indicate threads that are fun activities or games.
  • Renamed the Spam Sector to Fun & Games
  • Removed Off Topic category and moved its Fun & Games and The Sandbox forums under Community Interests
  • Renamed Fun & Games to Off Topic
  • Removed many sub-forums and added prefixes to the parent forums

For example, instead of:
Writer's Workstation
- Poetry
- Original Works
- Fan Fiction

It's just Writer's Workstation with the former sub-forums' threads and new, corresponding prefixes.

So with that said, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Anthony Parsons

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A new forum should start out with no more than 5 forums tops... maximum. A busy looking forum is better than an empty looking forum.

Social Name Forum
Subject Name Forum

That's how simple starting a forum is... anything more is noise. As topics flood those forums, identify the topics being posted and isolate the busiest one to a new forum, now you have one more forum.

As time continues, repeat and rinse... as your community will dictate the need for new forums, not really you.
I agree with the above comment. Having to much can make new members leave. It's always good to just keep the categories and sub forums that you need specifically for the particular topic your forums are on. Like Anthony said your community will dictate new forums as you need them.