XF 1.2 ToggleTriggerAnchor -> How it is possible to lower it's location?



How is it possible to get this "messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor" few pixels down? Image attached:


I want to locate this bar a little bit lower, like when the user-block end, there is where I want it.

Any suggestions ?


Set a larger minimum height for the message content.
The idea for that in the first place was to match users that reply with a lot of content (then the ToggleTriggerAnchor is fixed) or even if some one have an avatar it looks fine.

But when a user give a **** reply (hi, thanks for the info) the "ToggleTriggerAnchor" simply stuck in the middle.

I am looking for a solution for that manner.

With larger minimum height it takes also members with Avatars way way below and it looks very non esthetic


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I'm afraid I don't understand.

A minimum height will push it down for posts with little content but won't take effect for posts with lots of content which cause the container to be higher than it.


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Where is the best place to adjust the minimum message height? I did it in styles properties/message elements/message text - but that also affects the member profile.