XF 2.2 Toggle BB Code Automatically Turns On?

A few of our members have had an issue where their Toggle BB Code will turn on (without their knowing of it), which greys out the post menu and prevents them from writing their post:

Screenshot from 2022-04-02 00-08-15.png

Screenshot from 2022-04-02 00-08-22.png

This was with Android (mobile), Brave browser.

Though at least one member had an issue with it on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Two solutions exist to fix it:
  • Clear browser cache
  • Simply toggle the BB Code to be back off

However, not all of our members will be aware of such solutions.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Or, perhaps, remove the BB Code toggle altogether?
I don't think many or any of our members use that feature.

We're running XF 2.2.7.


I would think one would most always want it to default to off in most cases. Every reply should open with it off. Perhaps there should some user setting where the last state could be remembered for folks who always want it on...?
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