To Work or Not to Work - that is the SSL question

Tracy Perry

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Well... I don't know if it's worth the headache or not. I "think" I finally have the SSL certificate installed in OLS for

The request - can some of ya'll visit it and browse around and make sure it's working correctly. I have been fighting with the site not being responsive for the last 2 hours and think I traced it down to a setting in OLS that I had set that I didn't need.

Was also having problems with the friendly URL's not working (think that's fixed now also).
It's 5am here and I've been working steadily on this for WAY to many hours. About to go grab a nap and then check back in and start back to fixing any problems.


Tracy Perry

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Seems OK to me.
I wasn't able to find any non-https links and it is fast/responsive enough.
Thanks @Brogan... if it seems responsive considering it's shooting across the pond then maybe I finally got it right. OpenLiteSpeed is nice once you get used to NOT using an editor to do everything in but like any GUI panel, the stuff can sometimes seem scattered until you get used to it.

Crud.. for some reason safari on the Mac is still timing out. :mad:
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Tracy Perry

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And now friendly URL's aren't working.
@Slavik - you got any OLS magic for redirecting all traffic to https and enabling the friendly URL's in this beast. I'm about to start back to playing with nginx to get the site reliable again. :X3: