XF 1.1 TinyMCE

Chris D

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According to the tinymce.js file:



It probably will be updated when XenForo gets updated, though they would have to balance this. It's quite a customised version of the TinyMCE editor. If a new version breaks the XenForo editor, but doesn't add many advantages then clearly it's not worth the effort of updating it.


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So it must be on version 3.4.2. The latest 3.4 version is 3.4.9 and the latest version overall is 3.5.2

Is this likely to be updated then?

Chris D

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No one truly knows, but again, it will all depend on the improvements that version brings vs. how much work is required to update the existing editor.

Is there any particular functionality or bug fixes you're aware of that might be required?