XF 1.2 'Time' not visible


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Please assist with this. First, please see this photo:

nts2.JPG Pease see the top message by me - under Last Message, under my username, it says '2 minutes ago'. This is fine.

Now, please see this photo from my site:

nts1.JPG Here, under Last Message, under 'Administrator' this message was posted at the same time as the last message in the first photo, but, here, it doesn't show the time like '1 minutes ago' etc. - it only shows the date Aug 13 2013?

Please advise why on my site the minutes etc is not showing like on this site? Is this an error? (I only upgraded to 1.2 just today).



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It's an issue with your template customizations. It's showing "now" as the time for various things that clearly shouldn't be. I would have to recommend looking at what you've customized in the templates (thread_list_item in particular) to determine where it went wrong.